One day, nine stories. Empathizing with other travel cyclists

One day, nine stories: Empathizing with other travel cyclists

One day, nine stories: Empathizing with other travel cyclists

One day, nine stories. Empathizing with other travel cyclists

We cycle most days and every now and then we meet other cyclists. Often there is talk about gear, camping possibilities nearby, the route, visas and other cycling friends who are somewhere ahead or behind. But Roberto and I rarely have the chance to cycle together with other people. Some are too fast, some go into the other direction (none have been too slow yet though) and some arrive when we leave or the other way around.

We wanted to know – how do you do it? What do you eat? What fills you with joy? When do you get up? What do you talk about? Does your butt also hurt sometimes? How often do you stop and snack? Are you as grumpy as I am when the wind blows into your face? What motivates you?

We’ve asked our biking friends to share their day’s experiences with us.

So please enjoy:

One day, nine stories: Empathizing with other travel cyclists

Rachel and Patrick from the USA who follow the rather bumpy Congo Nile Trail in Rwanda: One day, nine stories: Rachel and Patrick in Rwanda

Heike from Germany who cycles through Japan and decides half way through to rather have a sick day: One day, nine stories: Heike in Japan

Baerbel and Johan from Germany and the Netherlands who biked along the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan bordering Afghanistan: One day, nine stories: Baerbel and Johan in Tajikistan

Astrid from Austria who enjoyed a rest day with new friends in Uruguay: One day, nine stories: Astrid in Uruguay

Claudia and Peter from Austria who spent their September 5th in British Columbia, Canada: One day, nine stories: Claudia and Peter in Canada

Gerd from Germany who is on his way around Australia: One day, nine stories: Gerd in Australia

Luzia and Denise from Germany who had an exhausting travel to a Canadian island: One day, nine stories: Luzia and Denise in Canada

Lisi and Torsten from Germany who biked through the harsh Australian sun: One day, nine stories: Lisi and Tosten in Australia

Annika and Roberto from Germany and Mexico who are biking through Canada: One day, nine stories: Annika and Roberto in Canada

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If you are on a bike tour and are interested in joining the next ONE DAY, don’t hesitate to write us!

We’re looking forward to get to know you and your way of travel!


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