Between White River and X-Ray

White River, Central Balkan, Bulgaria, July 2011

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The beergarden up the river

About seven kilometers away from the small village of Kalofer -home of only 3,500 people- in Central Bulgaria, there is a campground called White River, better known as “Biwak Byala Reka”. A gravel road that divides several times leads to the campground on the border to the Central Balkans National Park. Ecotravelers and friends of nature and quietness can camp here with a view in the mountains for 1 Euro the night. The campground is trailhead for hiking tours through the National Park and resort for city dwellers.


This is where 60 year’s oldNicolai works in Bjala Reka in a bar with grill restaurant. Nicolai knows the area like his own wardrobe. He showed us our location using different hiking maps and explained (in Russian and Bulgarian) the way back to Kalofer, to the next refugee and to the nearby monastery.

Nicolai speaks a couple of German words and pretty good Russian. “Come with me” he says every now and then in German to show us his collection of firewood or walk with us on top of the next hill to show us the highest mountain of the National pa

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  1. Hector says:

    It seems like a place that has it all: Nature, friendly atmosphere, fun, even Techno! Thanks for sharing this experience with us.