One day, nine stories: Heike in Japan

One day, nine stories: Heike in Japan

I have been following Heike’s blog ever since she started. We met online in a bicycle forum and feel like good friends for years now, even though we have never had the chance to meet in person. Heike left her home in Germany in May 2013 to go out and travel. The 42 year old extreme power woman loves the lonely corners of this world, that tourists rarely visit, yet she always enjoys meeting nice travellers.

Her blog is filled bottom to top with beautiful pictures and wonderfully honest texts. In the cyclist’s world she is known as “Pushbikegirl” and that’s also her blog’s name. Have a look here:

Heike’s awesome cycling adventure

Enjoy Heike’s September 5th 2015 in Japan!

5th Sept. 2015

Heike – pushbikegirl

Japan, Honshu Island, City Koide

I camped the night next to the supermarket to be protected from the rain
Wake up 7:30 AM
Get up 8:00 AM and packing up
Start 8:15 AM to find a toilet
Cycled about 2 km and still felt very tired
8:30 AM discovered free WIFI in the public toilet
9 AM – 12.30 WIFI break and trying to wake up – a few of my previous days were really tough so it felt like I need a longer break – I somehow even felt sick – I wasn’t even hungry
12:30 PM Supermarket
I bought bean sprouts, bananas, baked fish, tofu, mushrooms and udon noodles and spent 483 YEN (3,70 Euro)
13:00 cooking in the public toilet at a Mishi On Eki – a station
13:30 still fought with myself to start
14:00 start
14:15 first stop at a 7-Eleven to have an ice-cream
14:30 A lady asked who I am and gave me some sweets
15:00 start again
15:15 another 7-Eleven stop
16:00 Temple visit
16:30 Public Onsen break – chat with the locals
17:30 Lawson (convenience store) break – decided not to cycle today – I still felt sick and tired
18:00 Lawson is offering 4 hours free WIFI and is also providing a plug outside of the store – skyped with friends and family – bought Kitkat and chips – a man gave me 1000 YEN for a drink
24:00 search for a camp spot
0:15 AM discovered a church, with a big roof in the back yard – quiet and dark
0.30 AM lights out

very boring, tired day, 16 kilometers cycled – spent 920 Yen (7,15 Euro)


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