Our Support

Our project is possible thanks to the air behind our back, our sponsors and supporters. Thanks to them we are able to focus our healthy minds and bodies to achieve the goal of our project.

Promoting bike travel as a model to cultivate empathy

We proudly present you the strong winds that pushes our backs.


Visit Reelight at www.reelight.com

Visit Cumulus at www.cumulus.pl


Visit Unterwegs at www.unterwegs.biz

Visit Wechsel at www.wechsel-tents.com


Visit Selle Royal at www.selleroyal.com


Tasting Travels would like to give a special thanks to the following institutions that support the project. Their support has proven to be a very important asset to Tasting Travels in promoting bike travel as a means to strengthen social empathy. We invite you to visit them on their websites. Hellixir/ Mar de Jade/ GAAM/ Busana Azzahra