Armenia’s capital: Yerevan


Spider fight by the Moskwa Theater in Yerevan City Center

Spider fight by the Moskwa Theater in Yerevan City Center

About SpongeBob in Yerevan, making friends and relatives and too much so-called Chinese food.

Monday 9th of July 2012

We entered Yerevan in a very good mood. All the way was downhill and though we had already been so close to the city we arrived to the center before 9 am. It was an easy thing to do and we enjoyed having still all day left.

Gohar and I made good friends quickly

Gohar and I made good friends quickly

Our host Gohar is great. She is 22 years old, she is an atronomer and just finished her master thesis. Gohar is another great example for the Armenian hospitality. She kept offering us fruits, tea and food; we even slept in her bedroom while she slept in the guestroom.

She also introduced us to her German friend Joseph who lived just 10 minutes away from her place. Joseph allowed us to store our bikes safely with him and we all met several times for dinner.

Yerevan City Center

In Yerevan City Center

Those who follow our travel diary for a while will know the following: If we say that we’ll stay two or three days it is a lie. It hardly ever happens. We stayed for one wonderful week, worked, walked and researched everything about the visa marathon that would wait for us in Tehran.

Gohar planned a trip for us and two of her friends to the highest Mountain of Armenia: Mount Aragats. We did not climb it all up, but the view from the lake on 3200 Meters was a great one to see.

Us and our friends by the Kari Lake by Mount Agarats

Us and our friends by the Kari Lake by Mount Agarats

SpongeBob in the streets of Yerevan

I have to admit: as much as I enjoy the regional dishes, sometimes I just miss the food I was used to back home: German breakfast with dark bread and boiled egg, self-made lasagna and Chinese food (or what they offer us in Germany as “Chinese food”). In Yerevan I finally found a Chinese restaurant. I was unstoppable and ate far more than my stomach was used to. But oh boy, I enjoyed my dinner! To avoid falling asleep immediately we had a walk through the city, met a guy in a SpongeBob dress, saw an expensive car being photographed by fifteen other people and a bike that looked like a Christmas tree with all its light bulbs. Even though Yerevan is a quite small city for a capital people like to be different from others.

Roberto was excited like a little boy

Roberto was excited like a little boy

Making friends is for beginners. In Armenia you make realtives instead

Like the Armenians say:

If two strangers meet they start talking and after a few minutes they find out that they have some mutual friends. If they continue talking they will find out that they are relatives.

Of course this is a little exaggerated, but in such a small country where the family ties are very important, it could happen that two relatives meet without knowing it.

In Gohar and her friends we found some wonderful friends ourselves and after only two or three days we felt like a part of the society.

Dinner for friends at Gohar's place

Dinner for friends at Gohar’s place

The 21-days visa was not long enough to get to know all the parts of Yerevan. We knew that we still had some mountains to cross, so we packed our things after a week. It was weird to say goodbye to Gohar, Joseph, Wolfgang, Tatevik, Hannah and all the others, but soon we had all our stuff done, felt the wind in our faces and cycled south.

A short visit to Diana's family in Yerevan. Diana is a good friend from back home

A short visit to Diana’s family in Yerevan. Diana is a good friend from back home

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