People From Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki, Greece, December 2011

When St. Paul visited this city around 52 A.D and wrote what is presumably the first book of the new testament (First Epistle to the Thessalonians) he would have never imagined what it would turned out to be.

Today this city of over 2,300 years of history of intense wars, powerful empires and cultural bloom,  the city is now full of student life and happy Hellenic atmosphere. From the Ancient Macedonia of Alexander, to the powerful Roman Empire, through the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Rule and the sad Greek Civil War, this city has seen it and experience it all.

People From Thessaloniki

Now with the new challenge of overcoming the economical crisis that affects Europe, I (at least) have no doubt that the city will overcome it. Why? very simple. I have met their people. Judge for yourself.

The Other Gentlemen with the Frog The street baker

The Student form Thessaloniki The Student with the Phone The waitress Thessaloniki Force A beer would be nice La Rotunda Circus People Christmas Shopping A Mouth full of Fun Ali From Burma

The Friendly Butcher The boys The Biker Senior Biker The Gentlemen with the Frog The Hot Dog Man

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