Happy Holidays

Unser Freund Bakri und seine Familie

Our friend Bakri and his lovely family

Country: Malaysia and Singapore

In Kepala Batas, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Negara, Tioman, Singapore and Melaka

Lesson learned: A new bike chain can solve many problems

Laughed about: The cute baby elephants that showered us while we were supposed to shower them

Most wonderful miracle: My good old friend Dila and Roberto’s lovely family

Food we ate: Dodol, Laksa, Pineapple cookies, Chinese food, Indian food and fast food

Greatest challenge: Getting that karaoke machine work

In Kepala Batas ist Laksa das traditionelle Zuckerfest-Essen

In Kepala Batas, Laksa is the traditional Hari Raya-food

Apit and his family are Muslims. They fasted during the 30 days of Ramadan. Since we were their guests and we wanted to taste the feeling of fasting, experience social empathy and put ourselves in their shoes, we fasted for the last two days of Ramadan with them.

Besonders frische Rambutan

Fresh Rambutan as a treat for two days of fasting

After the last day of Ramadan, the family celebrated Eid al-Fitr, the sugar feast. In Malaysia it is called Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Most Malaysians had been travelling for the past two days in order to visit their home villages for this special day. Apit dressed us in traditional Hari Raya clothing (Article about our experiences on Hari Raya in Malaysia).

Die ganze Familie macht sich fürs Zuckerfest in Malaysia heraus

Everybody dresses up for Hari Raya

For Roberto it was the first time to wear a Sarong (men’s skirt) and I wore a long shirt, long skirt and a headscarf. We spent the entire day eating, drinking and playing with the children.

Erstmal wird der Sarong Probe getragen

The first day in a Sarong

All families prepared food for their neighbors and friends, or went out to visit people themselves. The house was full of laughing children, treats and happiness, and the cozy feelings that I had this day reminded me a lot on Christmas.

The kids love Hari Raya, they get sweets and money from the adults for their good fasting

The kids love Hari Raya, they get sweets and money from the adults for their good fasting

We took the bus to Kuala Lumpur in the same night, because Roberto’s family came to visit us. We had not seen them in more than two years. That is a long time for me, but for a Mexican family it is half an eternity.

Apit's father hands out money to the neighbor kids

Apit’s father hands out money to the neighbor kids

We travelled through Malaysia with them for three wonderful weeks, cleaned baby elephants, swam with colorful fishes in the South Chinese Sea and discovered tarantulas and snakes in the biggest national park.

In Melaka feiern wir meine  Geburtstag. Auch Dila und Apit reisen extra aus Kepala Batas und Singapur an.

We celebrated my 27th birthday in the beautiful historical town of Melaka

As one of the many highlights we celebrated my 27th birthday with Chinese karaoke and a Mexican picnic in our guesthouse’s garden in Melaka together with Dila and Apit as well as Katyna, Héctor and Anaid.

Karaoke auf die chinesische (und Malaysische) Art: jede Karaokegruppe bekommt einen eigenen Raum zum Singen.

Karaoke the Chinese and Malay way: every group sits in a private room, so nobody else is forced to hear anybody sing.

On the last day the local TV channel Astro Awani interviewed us about our travel and our experiences celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia.

Interview mit Bihan von Astro Awani

Interview with Bihan from Astro Awani

Time flew so fast and soon we had to wave goodbye to our lovely family that had travelled for more than two days only to see us. Hopefully we will see them again in New Zealand.


In Kuala Lumpur we stayed with Bakri, one of those people who seem to know about a lot any topic. His son Adib went to see the Malaysia Day’s parade in the center of town with two friends and we joined them.

Red, white, yellow and blue everywhere

Red, white, yellow and blue everywhere

It was a very hot day, there were white, red and blue colors everywhere and in the end even some jets joined the parade

The enrire center of Kuala Lumpur was crowded

The enrire center of Kuala Lumpur was crowded

Soon we were back in Kepala Batas with Apit and our bikes, drank sweet coffee and chocolate with his siblings Fateen and Syauqee and made friends with Kamal and Achik.

Bathing the baby elephant

Bathing the baby elephant

We worked a lot and prepared our bikes for the way south. I even changed the chain (what a difference after more than 10,000 km with the same chain, finally the gears worked again) and now I hope that my good old second-hand steel-donkey will carry me around the world.

The best elephant-bathing crew

The best elephant-bathing crew

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