Cappadocia in Pictures

Cavasin view from behind Cropped
Hopa, Turkey, May 2012

Caused by the erosion of water and air, the region of Cappadocia is home to some of the most outstanding scenarios in Turkey. A World Heritage Site that not only offers a unique landscape, but reminds us about the atrocity of persecution. Most of the times our history as human beings hold the keys to avoid the mistakes that degrade our own humanity. In this case Cappadocia  teaches us how persecution can lead to unfortunate but incredible actions in order to survive. The underground cities and caved churches build by persecuted Christians are only a small evidence on how human faith in any creed finds strength to fight against any kind of obstacles. In my opinion no faith should be persecuted or even condemned. We must learn from all of them and respect them. Enjoy the photos.

For information about the tourist sites check out my guest post here.

Goreme A view of Goreme Goreme Open Air Museum Goreme Scenic Balloon Cappadocia Inside Church Panoramic of Cappadocia Love Valley The Alien The Rider and his friend Cavasin Inside Cave A pic in Goreme The View of the Mosque Arriving to Cavasin

The Security Cave


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