What you probably did not know about Armenia

Qarahunge Observatory

Qarahunge Observatory

Official Name: Republic of Armenia
Capital: Yerevan
Size: 29,743 sq meters
Population: 2,970,495 (living in Armenia)
Average age: 32.2 years
GDP Per Capita: $5,400 (2011 est.)
Religion: Armenian Apostolic 94.7%, other Christian 4%, Yezidi (monotheist with elements of nature worship) 1.3%
Type of government: Republic
Currency: Drams

Curious fact about Armenia: Many of our readers might already know that Armenia prides itself on being the first nation to formally adopt Christianity (early 4th century). But what you might not know is that in Armenia, you will also find the oldest observatory known to man in the city of Qarahunge. The observatory was estimated to to be around 7, 500 years old by world renowned Armenian astronomer Paris Herouni .

What is your favorite typical dish in Armenia that you have tasted?

Sadly, we must say that we did not spend enough time in Armenia to be able to clearly name a dish. But for sure T’olma was one of our favorites. They are meat rolls with rice and spices wrapped inside wine leaves for the nice aroma. They go great with local white wine.

T'olma with rice and bread

T’olma served with rice and bread.

What is the most popular game in Armenia?

Well although some people may consider it more than a game, chess is very popular here in Armenia. Atough they are only a population of 3 million people they have won the last two world team chess championships. For Armenians since their heroe and legend Tigran Petrosian won in 1963 the World Chess Title, chess has become a healthy obsession for young and old.

Who is considered the National Heroe and why?

His name is Garegin Ter-Harutyunyan but he is more known by his war name Garegin Nzhdeh. He is remembered as an outstanding soldier and leader, as well as a liberator. As wikipedia says in March 2010 he was voted by the Armenias as their: “National pride and the most outstanding figure” through the Tv project Hay TV made by the countries biggest Tv network. When I asked our Armenian friend Tatevik why he is so higly regarded she aswered, “because of him where you are right now is part of Armenia (she was referring to the south part region called Syunik) ”.

What is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Armenia?

Well although cognac can only be named cognac if it was produced in France, here in Armenia the equivalent is highly regarded and very popular among Armenians. You can see many stores offering diverse brands in elegant bottles, I even saw some with replica sables of medieval times as gifts in the box. They also produce wine and of course beer.

Cognac from Armenia

Cognac Barrel made in Armenia

Who is the musical group on Armenia loved by young and old?

Our friend Tatevik was kind enough to share us many groups and songs, but since it is already hard to pic a favorite I chose this piece called Krunk, at least that was the heading of the title in youtube. The song is about the people ho are left behind in their homeland and have to wait for their family and friends return. This song has to be very important, because it is estimated that half  of the population of Armenians world wide do not live in Armenia. Imagine how that song must feel to them.

What is the most common brand of cars in Armenia?

Well being on the road you get to see many cars. They might not be the most popular but for certain there were the ones that we saw the most. We are talking about the LADA, the legendary relique of soviet times that was once the symbol of city life in the Soviet Union.


LADA soviet car in Armenia

What is the most visited site in Armenia by Armenians?

Sevan lake was not only beautiful for us, but apparently also for all Armenians. The lake is huge and is surrounded by diverse arquelogical sites such as the Sevanavank monastery in the peninsula in the lake . The lake is also surrounded by restaurants where you can eat the local white fish.

Sevan Lake

Sevan Lake with cloudy rain.

What is the most common name for Males/Females?

Armenian boy and girl

Armenian boy and girl

How many letters are there in the Armenian alphabet?

36 letters make up the unique Armenian alphabet was reintroduced by Armenian linguist Saint Mesrop Mashtots in the year 405 A.C.

Armenian Book

Armenian-Rusian book

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