One day, nine stories: Claudia and Peter in Canada

One day, nine stories: Claudia and Peter in Canada

Claudia (27) and Peter (32) from Austria left home more than five months ago. They travel on a half recumbent tandem called Loki, Claudia sits in front and Peter in the back. Loki has taken them through Europe (including Iceland) and Canada and now they are on their way down to Brazil. We met them in Revelstoke, BC, Canada in September 2015 and ran into each other several more times.

Claudia and Peter write their blog in German:
Claudia’s and Peter’s awesome bicycle adventures

Enjoy Claudia’s and Peter’s September 5th 2015 in Canada!

September 5th 2015 from Vernon to Kelowna West, BC, Canada.

76,49 km in 4:30:03 hours. Maximum Speed: 64.19 km/h. Total kilometers cycled: 11876

6:14 am We wake up

6:20 am One of us packs the bags, the other gets fresh in the bathroom. We change.

6:50 am Peter has his first cup of coffee, Claudia is on her second one.

7:30 am We take a picture with our hosts Sandra and Tom, holding three numbers. These numbers show our travel day.

7:40 am We have porridge for breakfast with Annika and Roberto and our hosts

8:10 am Teeth are brushed, we pack the last couple of things and glue the new Tasting Travels sticker onto Loki’s frame (Loki, that’s our bike’s name).


8:25 am Sandra and Tom take Loki for a little round up and down the street.


8:40 am We make our way to Vernon’s bike shop, because we need to have our gears adjusted.

9 am The bike shop opens

9:40 am Loki works perfectly fine again.

9:55 am We grab some groceries at the Real Canadian Super Store and finally get going south.

10:45 am We reach the pass of the first tall hill. Ouff.


11:25 am Cookie break and fruit break after about 30 kilometers in Lake Country. We also find some herbs. The next pasta with tomato sauce will be delicious!



11:54 am As every day we take a picture with ourselves and Loki, to show if and how we change during the travel.


11:56 am The travel continues. Claudia, who sits in front, starts reading out loud Leonid Andrejew’s “Die Geschichte von den sieben Gehenkten”


1:35 pm We reach today’s goal: Kelowna and have lunch (bread with butter and cucumber) right next to a graveyard, where we see a deer.


2:35 pm As usual we fill up our food supplies in the big supermarket and we fill our bellies with ice cream and chocolate milk.




4:15 pm Who’s that? Two fully loaded travel cyclists appear on the road under the bridge. It’a Annika and Roberto! We’re happy to meet again.


4:30 pm Our host Lee meets us with a glass of red wine. We carry the bags into our room.


5:45 pm Lee takes us (and another bottle of red wine) out for a sailing tour in the Okanagan Lake.




7:40 pm We’re back on the mainland.

8:15 pm Showertime

8:55 pm We have Shepard’s Pie for dinner.


10 pm We relax with a drink in the Hot Tub and enjoy great view into Kelowna at night

12 am We return „home“ quite tired

1 am Quite tipsy we fall straight onto the airbed and fall asleep immediately.

76,49 km in 4:30:03 hours. Maximum Speed: 64.19 km/h. Total kilometers cycled: 11876


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