Lessons learned in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

Kepala Batas, Malaysia, September 2013

As part of our two year celebration we would like to introduce you to some of the people that have made our bike travel a constant life lesson. These people have opened their hearts to us in ways we cannot even begin to describe. Their contribution to our project is of much value to us so we decided to take this opportunity to make a small homage to them.

We now move on to : Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

Thanks a lot amigos! Because thanks to you we have strengthened our ties to your beautiful countries and their cultures. Hopefully we will get to see you again!

Sabine and Wilfried from Germany came to visit us in Bangkok, Thailand and taught us  to always stay young and full of thirst for adventure. We met Malin from Sweden, Alex from England, Ben and Tara from the USA and Julia from Austria in Nong Khai, Thailand. They taught us not to feel guilty if you are in a wonderful country like Thailand and yet you wish to 'waste' your time watching a movie and eating pizza. We met Poo, his wife Got, her mother Pha and their daughters Numsai and Bifern in Ban Woen, Thailand. They taught us that life is more beautiful with music and we really want to learn an instrument now. Nooy and her son Omsin from Tha Uthen, Thailand, showed us to be more creative and they opened our mind to exotic food like ant's eggs. We met Donal, Brian and Sherlock from Ireland in Bangkok. Donal taught us that when we find ourselves in a hurry inside an elevator we shall first press the 'close door' button and then the button with the number of the level. Brian taught us that people do anything if you just say 'go on' often enough and Sherlock taught us that 'savage' is a really cool wordKoy from Bangkok taught us that you need confidence to start big things and endurance to stay with them. Ben from Bangkok taught us how to ride a fixie and tnat riding through Bangkok is much easier with a local that with a map with small scale. We met Hannah, Max, Alisa, Kevin from the USA in Bangkok. They taught us the game Marco Polo and that rain is the perfect weather for a pool party. Chopak comes from Nong Khai, Thailand. We met her near Bang Saphan where she taught us that the grass seems always greener on the oher side and how to appreciate the side you currently stand on. This group of nice policemen from Thung Kha, Thailand taught us that brave policemen do not need a fancy uniform to gain respect. Saksit and his wonderful wife from Khian Sa, Thailand, opened a restaurant with karaoke in the countryside of Thailand. They inspired us to open an equally cozy and yet modern place somewhere someday. Ome from Thung Yao, Thailand, taught us how to turn your hobby into work. Apit and his wonderful family from Kepala Batas, Malaysia, taught usso many things. How to prepare delicious Dodol, how to speak Malay, how to do a catwalk, how to wear a Sarong (men's skirt) and that a really good friendship cannot be separated by distance or years. Mickey and Achik from Kepala Batas, Malaysia, taught us how to cuddle with goats, play futsal and walk on crutches. Mei Ling from Kuala Lumpur taught us a lot about all the different ethnies in Malaysia and that in the end all people are just people. Bakri and his wonderful family from Kuala Lumpur showed us where to eat the best cheese nan in the country and how there are people who know the jungle or the sea like they know the back of their hand. Dila and her family from Singapore taught us how to run more than 3 kilometers with a minion, how family will always stick together and that a couple of thousand kilometers or years cannot affect a true friendship.
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