Lessons learned from Germany to Greece

Kepala Batas, Malaysia, September 2013

As part of our two year celebration we would like to introduce you to some of the people that have made our bike travel a constant life lesson. These people have opened their hearts to us in ways we cannot even begin to describe. Their contribution to our project is of much value to us so we decided to take this opportunity to make a small homage to them.

So in the following month we will post a eight part homage to these people. We start with the beginning: Germany to Greece.

Thanks a lot amigos! Because thanks to you we have strengthened our ties to your beautiful countries and their cultures. Hopefully we will get to see you again!


Manni und Sieglinde from Porta-Westfalica: Showed us that fully inflated bike tires ride faster and how good home made food tastesChris from Würzburg, Germany forced us to stay awake with him even though we were badly tired. And he was right: enjoy the moment, you can always sleep more later.Edda Liebl and her husband from Fürth, Germany let us spend the night in thir garden hut and even brought us a big breakfast even though they did not know us at all. Care for others and others will care for you!Bine and Uli from Vienna, Austria: Went back from the life on the road to a settled life just to give everything up after some years and start over again by bike. You will never be fed up with travelingAlexandra and her family in Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Austria gave us shelter in their guest room and borrowed us their entrance tickets to the museum. When we will be locals somewhere we will also want to help travelers.Lotzi from Baja, Hungary opened the doors to his small but cozy home for us so we could all cook something together. We learned: time does not matter, take as much of it as you need and fill it with happiness. The every day life will come soon after.Julian and Annette from Germany, met in Budapest. They cycled from Germany to Turkey in no time on their tandem bike. We earned to spice our travel and make it a personal sports event up if we add some speed.Kim and Danny from Rotterdam, Netherlands and Vinko and Maja from Batina, Croatia: There is a connection between some people. You can feel it even if you barely met a few days ago. Friendship isn't mesured in years but in feelings.Jordan (left) from the USA, living in Belgrade, Serbia hosted as many people as she could in her small apartment and we all came along great! We learned: the more the merrier!Danitza and Toplica from Ražanj, Serbia. Without them we would have spent another very cold night outside. We learned: practise your foreign language skills, they will come in handy eventually.Miloš, Maria and Katarina from Niš, Serbia, introduced us to the entire Couchsurfing community in their town. One thing we learned while we stayed at Miloš’s is that wet laundry when hanged outside will only dry when it is warmer than 0°C. Otherwise it will freeze. Sanja from Skopje, Macedonia: We learned a lot about the origins of Icelandic Music and about eating habits of Macedonians.Goran from Veles, Macedonia. Keep on fighting for your dream!Mishela from Kavadarci, Macedonia. Feed your guests all your favorite food. If they leave your place 3 kilos fatter than they arrived, they have liked it.Gael from France, currently living in Thessaloniki, Greece hosted us for two weeks and never lost the contact. We learned: if you had enough of the bike saddle don't force yourself to continue riding every day. Your butt will be thankful.Pascale und Philipp from Switzerland, met them in Thessaloniki, Greece. They taught us a lot about bike ergonomics, panniers and let us copy their maps for Iran, China and Central Asia.
Learned: Time spent in Christmas cards for your beloved ones is never wasted timeAthina and Johnny from Kavala, Greece. We spent Christmas with them and they showed us not to take things too serious. Just let it flow sometimes and see what happens.Ton from the Netherlands. Met him in Alexandroupolis, Greece: Even lonesome rangers enjoy a little nice company. And they have a lot of stories to tell!

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  1. Carolyn in Nashville, TN says:

    Hi! Does the newsletter come to my email address? I have never received anything from you by email, but when I try to sign up for the newsletter, it says I am already subscribed.

    The 2-year-anniversary posts and pictures are very nice. Much enjoyed here in Tennessee.

    Carolyn J.

    • admin says:

      Hello Carolyn,
      we are so sorry. We have a new Newsletter Design and it took us quite a while to figure out how it works. Today you should have gotten your newsletter I hope. At least today I managed to write it.
      On Monday there will be part 2 coming. Hope you enjoy. Have a great day,

  2. Kim & Danny says:

    Hi guys, thanks so much for the sweet words, we love you took 🙂
    And your website looks FAAANTAAASTIC!

    x K&D

    • admin says:

      Kim and Danny! Sooo good to hear from you! When will you come and visit us? We miss you two a lot. Many hugs from Malaysia,

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