Gradovi Utočišta: timeless power

Belgrade, Serbia 18th November

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The concert was supposed to start at 7:00 pm. The concert started 45 minutes later. Was I enrraged? Not by a bit. We met the accordionist just outside the Belgrade Public Library where the concert was going to be held. “The rest of the band are all coming from Novi Sad and they probably got stuck in the traffic”, Bojan excused the tardyness of the band. “They should be here any minute ”, he added as he held his cold beer in the already cold weather of the Serbian capital city hoping to retain the small awaiting crowd.

Even though I had no clue of what I was about to listen I was very anxious to hear the band and waited paciently withNadim and the beer he had the courtesy to invite me. We had high expectations for the band due to the fact that our fellow brasilian couchsurfers where known to have good taste in music and were also the ones responsible to invite us. They had already invested many hours in exploring the cities music scene until they decided that the promising poster just outside the library was the best option for that night. The poster read :

Gradovi Utočišta

November 14
Belgrade Public Library
Music from the Balkans.
7:00 pm

At least is what they thought it read. Nevertheless they spread the word unto us and trusting the good judgement of my new friends I decided to follow them that day.

“So what kind of balkan music do you play?”, I asked Bojan in a very naïve way . “ Well we are not exactly a folkloric balkan band. Our band is more of a mixture of folk and classic that plays slow music.” he responded paciently to my annoying question. “I hope you like it and don’t find it boring”, he closed his statement. Just about the same time he had finished answering my question the rest of the band arrived and started to set their instruments up for the small concert.

A couple of minutes after their arrival we walked down the stairs where the band was already prepared on a floor leveled stage decorated with only a couple of back lights. These lights iluminated what was to be their background, the reminecence of roman ruins that once sustained the structure of the city library and were now only for decoration. The five of them Milica Svirac (violoncello), Tijana Stanković (violin), Bojan Palikuća (acordeon), Borislav Prodanović (drums) and Ivan Čkonjević (guitarr) were sitting quietly when the drums marked the start and the concert began.


For the following hour we were all unquestionably submited to the sounds of their “slow” music.

Bojan had warned us about the calmness of the music, but he had forgotten to tell us the most important characteristic about his music: the power. The extremely powerful energy that their music emanated. So powerful that made everybody on that room in that day and in that hour feel in the right place and at the right time regardless of everything that might have been.




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