What you probably did not know about Georgia

Kid waves a flag in Rugby stadium

Kid waves a flag in Rugby stadium

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Official Name: Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi (capital) 1.115 million (2009)
Size: 69,700 sq km
Population: 4,570,934 (July 2012 est.)
Average age: 39.1 years
GDP Per Capita: $5,400 (2011 est.)
Religion: Orthodox Christian (official) 83.9%, Muslim 9.9%, Armenian-Gregorian 3.9%, Catholic 0.8%, other 0.8%, none 0.7% (2002 census)
Type of government: Republic
Currency: Lari

Curious Fact of Georgia: Georgians believe Georgia is the home of wine. The theory is sustained in two curious facts: the word wine derives from the georgian wine ghvino and archeological excavations prove that wine was made in Georgia seven thousand years ago. For this and many other reasons wine making here in Georgia is serious. Home made wine is more than common, even in the cities, because it is used as a way to welcome any guest at any time. For Georgians a guest is considered a God’s gift.

What is your favorite typical dish in Georgia that you have tasted?

We have two favorite dishes among the various gastronomical offer here in Georgia. One of them is the delicious Khachapuri, a cheese bread that can be bought freshly baked in every bakery. The other dish is the Khinkali, a variety of dumplings filled with ground meat, herbs and its juice. To eat Khinkali one must avoid at all costs dripping the juice from the dough, the cost if you do, a loss of spectacular falvour in your mouth.


What is the most popular sport in Georgia?

For sure one of the most popular games in Georgia is Rugby. The tremendous physic of Georgians as well as their will to overcome adversity makes them very talented in this sport. Currently the National Team or as georgians call them, The Lelos, are ranked 14th place by the International Rugby Board.

What is the most popular alcoholic beverage?

Chacha which is also called Georgian Vodka, is definetely the most popular alcoholic beverage. One of the main reasons is that wine and beer do not compete in this category because they are considered to soft to be cataloged as alcoholic beverage. Chacha is made of grape residue, the grape that is left after making wine.

Who’s the national hero and why?

In many places all through Georgia two images are recurrently found in sculptures and paintings: King David the Builder and his great grand daughter Queen Tamara, who is also called King Tamara as a way to venerate her greatness. These two kings were responsible for the Golden Age of Georgian were the most important constructions where built and Georgians lived in peace free from invasions and war. An interesting fact was that David the Builder initiated the golden period by kicking away the Seljuk Turks and two decades after King Tamara’s death the period ended with the Mongol invasion.


Qartuli Khmebi is a group of men that sing acapella, part of the legacy of Gregorian Chants in the middle ages. It is a group you can hear anytime and anywhere. Listen to their song Mravaljamier by clicking here. 

What is the most watched TV show?

Nanukas Show is sort of a T.V Magazine where Nanuka interviews personalities and talks about popular news at the moment. A show about everything that interests the Georgian pop culture. To see a clip click here.

What is the most common brand of cars?

It is very common to see in the streets german manufactures cars like Mercedes and BMW’s.

What was the most famous Georgian movie?

Gagma Napiri a film by Giorgi Ovashvili (original title: გაღმა ნაპირი). It is about a child who is looking for his lost father in the period of war in the 90’s. Watch the Trailer here.

What is the most visited tourist site by the Georgians?

Svaneti may be considered the most popular tourist site by the Georgians. This historic province of Georgia is situated high upon the mountains in the Caucasus reason why many of its buildings and traditions have remained untouched from western or eastern culture. Another popular destination is Batumi, a semi-tropical town that lies in the Black Sea with high end hotels, services and casinos. This town offers comfort, beauty and a summer like feeling most of the year.

What is the most common name for male / female?

Nino for women and Georgi for men, in honor of St. George the same reason the country is named after him


How many letters does your alphabet have?

ქართული დამწერლობა It has 33 letters. Georgian Script is the name of their alphabet

Created around 450ad by Mesrop Mashrots, Georgian alphabet must be considered, in our opinion, as one of the most beautiful in the world. I am currently working on a photo essay on this particular theme.

Georgian Alphabet in Comparison to the Latin

Closed read in Georgian Alphabet

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