Five Years Around the World by Bicycle

Our story is much like many. We decided to get on our bicycles and see where it took us. To our surprise and the surprise of our family and friends, five years later the bicycle took us around the world. We did not break any records or become world famous. We have yet to write a book and finish our blog entries. We did not visit as many countries as we would have wanted and most certainly we did not see all that we would have wanted to see or learn in our five years around the world by bicycle

We did, however, gained five years of precious memories. Most of them given to us by all the wonderful people we met along the road. People who housed us, who fed us and who laughed with us. To those, our heroes, we say thanks!

In a world with so much pressure to travel we can only say this (citing Lao Tzu), the journey of a thousand miles stats with a single step. In our case, a single pedal. We have then come to realize that is does not matter the distance or countries you have visited, but is the people you meet that make this life an adventure. The ability to grow your empathic ability when you see life through the eyes of others. The good thing is that you don´t have to go half way around the world to do this. Because these people are your neighbors, your colleges, your gardeners, your rivals, your cooks, your cashiers, your janitors or your teachers. Talk to them, get to know them. By doing so you will feel like you are traveling to another world. Because every life story is a journey that we can all take part of.

So for those who dream of traveling the world by bicycle and cannot do it at the moment. I invite you to take your bicycle and discover your surroundings. We assure you, you will be impressed by what you can discover. Like Friedel from Traveling Two once told be, “Excitement is just around the corner.”

And to our dozens of readers, we would like to take this moment to thank you. It made us very happy to share our adventure with you.

Now with no further delay we present to you a slideshow we made of our 5 years around the globe. The video centers in on one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my existence, sharing the road with the love of life and my wife Annika. This is all for you, my eternal companion!

Roberto Gallegos

5yrs Tasting Travels from Tasting Travels on Vimeo.

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  1. Jg says:

    Hi if it’s true that you biked around the world why Roberto is not in shape ?

    • Thank you for your observation. We don’t understand what you mean. We did cycle around the world, Roberto (I) am just always been fat. That is the simple explanation, but that does not mean I was or I am not in shape. Anyone can do what we did! Cheers!

  2. Craig Sharratt says:

    Hi Roberto and Anika!

    It’s Craig here from Chch in NZ. How are you? I often think about what you are both up to. I hope life is going well for you both. Best regards from Nicole & I!!!

    • Craig! please tell Nicole to send us by FB your phone number! We need to catch up brother! BTW we live in Munich, Germany now and that means that you have a house here to visit!

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