Five days in Budapest

Home-Composition-1024x858Sunday, 23rd of October 2011

We are still in Budapest. Our planned 2-night’s stay grew into five nights. 1st day: Laundry and search for extra screws for the bike trailer. 2nd day: Sight seeing. This city has so much to offer, we could have spent all days sightseeing! 3rd day: work on the blog. 4th day: we wanted to leave. Packed in everything and got our bikes to find out that three out of our six wheels are flat. Repaired them and one was flat again. Lesson learned: check the outer tyre before putting the inner tube back. Our outer tyres looked as if we had driven through a cactus field. They where all full of thorns. Picking them out we found three more punctures in the inner tubes. In total: seven punctures in five out of six wheels and work for all the day.

Finally the bikes are fixed, we bought new patches, tubes and two new outer tyres and are ready to leave Budapest now.

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