Cycling three countries in one day

DSCN0537-300x224Saturday, 29th of October 2011

The last days where full of bad weather, punctures (minimum one daily) and good people.We found out that speaking a language does not matter too much. We made friends with Janö by the river. We where very afraid when he arrived at 6 am by our tent because we expected him to be the owner of the place we camped at. But he was a nice fisherman who offered us coffee and said there was “no problem” campiung here. We also made friends with Victor, the owner of a farm by the dyke, whe helped us fixing our punctures in the heavy rain. And Lotzi invited us for coffee and Szilva (a really good shot) to his little house on a farm where he worked as a shephard and caring for the other animals (article about him and his here). We camped outside the farm and met him again in the morning and when we left he waved until he could not see us anymore. We talked with hands, feet and each the few words we knew in the other langage.

We had between one and two new punctures each day, wind went stronger from the front and the way on the dyke was out of grass and little stones, not so easy to go, so we did not make a lot of kilometers in the first days. From Baja, where we met Lotzi to the Serbian border we made it pretty fast because we decided to leave the Eurovelo 6 (the cycle-path from the Atlantic to the Black Sea that follows the river Danube) and follow the street and finally we could enjoy seeing villages on the way and using an asphalted street. We made it fast to the border, got our passports stamped, entered Serbia and then after 10 kilometers left it again to enter into Croatia. One day – three countries. In Croatia we stay in Vinko’s house. He lives up a hill in the outer part of a village called Batina. It is Vinko, his friend Maja, Danny and Kim, another cycling couple from the Netherlands and the two of us here choping wood, baking bread and cookies, enjoying the warm sun (I write outside in my T-shirt!) and reading and talking a lot.

Most of the time between Budapest and Batina we cycled on the dyke.

We all share one surf stick with bad connection so as soon as we will arrive to a place with better connection we will upload pictures from here.


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