Bike repairing 101

Wednesday, 2nd of November 2011

We really enjoyed our time in Batina (click here to pictures), made good friends with our flatmates and ate delicious food every day. Today we finally left. On the way to Novi Sad. We went down the street back to the village and then heard a lout “peng”. I had a fast look on our wheels – full of air. Puuuh. But Robertos front light went on, off, on, off. He had the dynamo off. How come it happened? After walking down the rest of the hill he could stop on a flat space and check. Three spokes broke and the wheel was wobbling hard. We could not go on like that and had to stop after 2,6 kilometers still in the same village where we had started. The next bike-shop is said to be 60 kilometers away and the bike does not move anymore. We discuss what to do and then phone with Vinko who just left to another town 25 kilometers away. While we now start unpacking a couple of things again he looks for a possibility to buy new spokes there.

Something has it that our bikes break whenever we want to leave a place where we enjoyed being. Vienna – Roberto’s Pedal. Budapest – seven punctures. Batina – three spokes.

Finally enjoying some free time

But we will have to fix it and then leave tomorrow. Good thing: we will repair one thing we have had no clue about before and earn some self esteem. One day we can repair anything!


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