BATINA: a photo essay of a town in reconstruction.


Batina, Croacia, November 2011

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On our way to Serbia, we stopped for 6 days in the border town of Batina, Croatia. This town was fully devastated by the Yugoslav wars back in the 90’s. Now it’s a town with lust for life and willing to rise the fallen stones of the past  and reconstruct it’s life again.


Yosef and Phillip

Here lives Phillip and Yosef two fisherman that were part of the army. They lost many things on the war, but now they live peacefully in this town and  share a friendship that supports one another. Here we were inside their home where they sell the fish they catch, that day we ate fish soup a typical dish in this part of the Balkans.

Vinko and Annika

This is Vinko, he was our host in this town and he is now our great friend.

Fishermans Cave Toms House The Flower Man in Batina Ruins in Batina Phillips tools for work Outside Phillips home House num 12 House in Batina 1 Fishermans net Yosef and Phillip 2 Construction Technique Batina Vinko and Annika Yosef and Phillip Batina Locals Batinas House 2 Batina House 3


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