Adrenalin Village – our home for the winter

Annika und die Schneefahrrad

Thursday, 16th of February 2012

Anke and Erdal borrowed us a skiing jacket each and one trousers to cycle the few kilometers from their place to the bus station. They did so because it has just started snowing and the streets were all white. “Why today?”, Roberto said.

Though we were still ill, it was dark, there was a lot of traffic and the snow kept falling, we were both glad that the way to the bus station was not too long. We cycled the nearly 8 km from “our” house to the station and with wet shoes and pants we arrived. At first  the bus driver did not want our bikes inside his super clean bus, but after Erdal spoke to him he agreed. We hugged Anke and Erdal, promised to call as soon as we have arrived, and entered the bus.

It took us three hours to get to the normal bus station, change busses and then we drove for another 13 hours. All night long we faced the snow. The temperature outside fell on -15°C and inside the bus it felt like 30°C. Just one hour before we arrived the earth lost its white cover and turned back to its normal color. I always have thought that the Mexican long-distance coaches were comfortable and luxury but this was the first time that a waiter served cool and hot drinks as well as cookies while we were driving, just like a steward in a plane. What a service! At 10 am we arrived to Fethiye. We said goodbye to Vicky, our bus-neighbor from Hong Kong who is traveling around for 11 months already and also stays in Fethiye. Then we reconnected the wheels to the muddy bikes and waited for Eda and Emir our former hosts and the owners of “Adrenalin Village”.

When they arrived we were all happy and exited. We tied the bikes on the big army jeeps roof and howled away. The people around us made bets how long it would take until the bikes fell down. Luckily they did not fall at all.

Adrenaline Village

Adrenaline Village

We arrived at our new home Adrenalin Village in sunshine. Adrenalin Village is a hotel with 11 rooms for people who like extreme sports like rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, horseback riding, diving and sea kayaking. Eda and Emir organize the sports for those who want to join. The others can also enjoy their time by the pool or in the Hotel’s bar “Saloon BarN”. In winter time the hotel was closed so we could enjoy the great feeling to have a room all for ourselves.

Eda introduced us to all the places and animals and then we enjoyed a good breakfast. For the first time after more than 4 months I unpacked all our bags and filled the wardrobe while Roberto took a long nap. Our helmets were used as room decoration now.

Flying Chicken

Flying Chicken

Our bodies must have adapted to the outdoor-life and now they need fresh air for minimum 12 hours daily. We both felt so much healthier from the first moment on and by the next morning we were completely recovered. Roberto even had enough energy to start exercising in his own self-designed work out: CHICKEN PERSECUTION (video below). It is a calm life here in Adrenalin Village, which it does not mean there is no hard work. In fact during the next weeks we will be posting articles on how is the life here in our present home. We have a lot of funny, sad and thrilling stories that we hope you will enjoy. Keep track, because a new and improved Tasting Travels Blog will be coming your way. Including a new design. Stay in touch and please feel free to share our blog in all our social networks. Hasta pronto amigos or how it is said in Turkey: Sonra Görüşürüz.


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