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Official Name                    Republic of Turkey
Size                                        783.562 sq km
Population                         79,749,461
Average age                        28.5
GDP Per Capita                $ 14.600
Religion                            Muslim 99.8% (prin. Sunni), other 0.2% (Christian and Jews)
Type of government      Parliamentary Republic
Curious Fact of Turkey: In the region of Anatolia in the former Byzantine era in the bishopric of Myra, a bishop by the named of Nicholas was well known among the population for his generous gifts. Over time his name and his legacy helped create the image of what we know today as Santa Claus. What do you know? Santa is Turkish.

The first part provides answers to the questions from our readers from our own point of view and particular research . The second part we interviewed Savaş, a Turkish men we met at the cafe where we were working.

Part 1


What is your favorite typical dish in Turkey that you have tasted?

Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab


There are several typical dishes depending on the region of the country you are in. Unfortunately have yet to test many more of them but one of our favorites is without a doubt the İskender kebab (beef bathed in a special sauce mounted on a pita bread together with yogurt). The other big favorite that can be found anywhere in the country, is the famous Börek (a type of fryed pastrie filled with cheese, spinach, potatoes or ground beef).

What is the favorite sport in Turkey?

Football is the favorite sport by excellence. The two teams that we have seen with more fans on the streets till now would be Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe Football Clubs. Another important fact to remember is that Turkey in the 2002 World Cup reached the semifinals and earned a well deserved third place. Achievement that not many countries in the world can boast.

What is the most popular alcoholic beverage?

In most Muslim countries alcohol is forbidden, but in Turkey there is a rather special situation. It is said that on the Easter part of the country (which is also considered the most conservative part of the country) buyingt alcohol is a difficult task. We still have to prove this statement. But here on the western part of the country where we live now, beer (although expensive) is readily available and the local beer is called EFES and liquor to celebrate the Raki (anise liqueur).

Who’s the national hero and why?

As a country with rich history and personalitieswhohave been very important to humanity, it is difficult to say which would be the most important hero for the Turks. But without a doubt the newest hero that is present in almost all Turkey in photos and quotes decorating the walls in offices, cafes, schools nd practically everywhere is the undisputed founder of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. There is much to talk about this character , so we invite you to reseach him in the internet. Till now we will just leave you with one of his most famous quotes constantly recieted by the people we have met:

Ata Turk

Ata Turk

“To be happy is to say, I’m Turkish”

A Turkish joke?

Because of our readers curiosity to hear someone speak the local language, we made a video to not only become familiar with the language of this country but laugh with a local joke . Note: The next joke does not at all reflect our beliefs or thoughts. It is only published for demonstrative purposes. The actor on the screen freely elected the joke that is presented below.

Translation: How many * How many Laz do you need to milk a cow?
5, four to carry it and one to milk the cow.
* Laz: An ethnic group of people who live along the Black Sea in Turkey.

Part 2

What do you think is the musical group loved by young and old?

Mazhar Alanson Mahmut I think it is who everyone loves, but there are many more like Ibrahim Tatlises considered the Turkish Pavarotti.

What is the most watched TV show?

X Factor Turkish, is a program which seeks to latest Turkish talent through a process of elimination by a jury of three people.

What is the most common brand of cars?

Renault and Ford because they are cheap.

What was the most famouse turkish movie at the moment?

Fetih 1453 (see video)
Is the title of a recent film that portrays the capture of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet II

What is the most visited tourist site by the Turks?

Panoramic of Cappadocia

According to our interviewee Savaş, Göreme in Anatolia, Ankara is “the place”. We will go there to take photos and write an article of it.

What is the most common name for male / female?

Mehmet and Ayşe

Our Little Neighbors

Our Little Neighbors

How many letters does your alphabet have?


For more information on this country we recommend the following sites.

CIA World Fact Book
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